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Venture Capital 2.0

VC101 is a distributed network of venture teams to discover startups. Take a look at some of the startups and side projects we've featured on our Twitter.


What if traditional barriers to enter into VC did not exist?

The barrier to entry for anyone starting a company for their idea has decreased a 1000x. Let's do the same for VC.

At VC101, we think that anybody curious about investing in startups should get the opportunity to explore the world of Venture Capital.

We've tried a bunch of things in the past to this aim. But we figured, why not build a community of really early startups, VCs and anyone wanting to break into VC on Twitter?

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How Does it Work

We find and feature startups or side projects that are very early in their journey. They need to have a working demo or a product in the wild but are looking for their first or 1000th user. We share these gems on Twitter with the #DiscoverStartupsInYourCity hashtag.

Yup, that simple.

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Get Involved

Are you looking to break into VC?

You must have a spidey sense for talent!

We'll feature the startup you scout for us on Twitter with a h/t to you. (giving you all the credit!)

Are you a founder or have a side project you're building and need to get the word out?

Tell us about it!

We'll feature your startup or project on Twitter. Boost your social media with a follow (on the Twitterverse, of course!). As well as sign up/download/refer your product. We want to be your megaphone.