Create your own startup portfolio.

Use it to apply for jobs in Venture Capital with 1 link.

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Create your own startup portfolio.

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to prove your skills. Can you source great startups before everyone else?
No networks. No degrees. No warm intros. No capital. Just your portfolio.
Showcase the work you spend time on scouting. Use your VC101 portfolio to apply for jobs at top VC firms with one link. Or, share it on social media.

Get noticed.

Start small. Think big. Break barriers.

We spoke to leading VCs. They all conclude showcasing your potential to source great startups is key to landing a role in VC. But, what if you don't have the right degree, network or capital?

We find startups or side projects that are very early in their journey. They need to have a working demo or a product in the wild but are looking for their first or 1000th user. We feature them on Twitter with the #DiscoverStartupsInYourCity hashtag.

Start today. We will feature startups you scout for us on Twitter with a h/t to you.



Founders and makers featured on Twitter. Your megaphone.







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